Shipwreck Food Grille

Raber Bay Bar and Restaurant

28826 S Raber Rd

Goetzville MI 49736


Dinghy's Restaurant​​

DeTour Village Inn​​

A quant local restaurant, where you can find a great bowl of soup, a wide selection of delicious lunch and dinner options, and a bar that is just plain comfortable.

A classic U.P. Bar;  From an early morning breakfast to last call in the wee hours … it's a cool spot.   The burgers are excellent, the conversation is usually colorful, and the beer is real cold.

Looking for great pizza, a sub, sandwich or salad ... this is the spot. New to the community in spring of 2018.  Dinghy's serves ice cream as well.

DeTour Village Inn  -  "The VI"

104 Ontario St 

DeTour Village MI 49725


Raber Bay Bar​​

and Saloon​

Mainsail Restaurant​​

Good Food. Good Friends. Good Times.

Shipwreck Food Grille

Elizabeth St

DeTour Village MI 49725


You talk about gems; Yooperman's is owned and run by Yooper's.  You'll find great food, Yooper hospitality, and normally a bar full of fun loving people. Located 12 miles north of DeTour.  

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Mainsail Restaurant and Saloon

410 N Ontario St

DeTour Village MI 49725


A unique and classic bar, with separate dining area, this spot is a local favorite for family dining and evening fun.  With public docks on Raber Bay a short walk away, Raber Bay Bar is also popular with boaters and anglers in the summer, and snowmobilers in the winter.

Located 15 miles north of DeTour Village.


and Restaurant

​​Village of DeTour  and  DeTour Township

Enjoy some excellent food while dining outdoors at tables overlooking DeTour Passage and Drummond Island Ferry.  Carryout is very popular as well.

Yooperman's Bar &Grill

18017 E M-48

Goetzville MI 49736


Dinghy's Restaurant

178 S Ontario St

DeTour Village MI 49725


Where Year-Round Outdoor Recreation Is at a Premium ...

Yooperman's Bar & Grill