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November 3, 2020

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Complete an Absentee Voter Ballot Application and return it to DeTour Township office. You can print a form from here, or stop in to DeTour Township Office and pick one up.


  • Military & Overseas Voters
  • ​Work at The Polls
  • Voting Equipment
  • ​Voting Info & FAQs

  • Lobby Disclosure
  • Casino Disclosure
  • Legal Defense Funds
  • Board of State Canvassers
  • Operations:  Our Troops Count
  • Help America Vote Act
  • Publications and Forms​​

The Secretary of State of the State of Michigan governs our elections.

On their website you have access to information regarding:​​

  • Are You Registered
  • Find a Clerk
  • View Ballots
  • Register to Vote

State of Michigan

Absentee Voting

DeTour Village Hall

​260 Superior Street

​DeTour Village MI 49725



The Secretary of State also provides information regarding Elections in Michigan:​​

Chippewa County MI maintains election results of each jurisdiction within it's county and publishes results as they are available: ​​

The State of Michigan shows you a sample ballot for any precinct in the State for the upcoming election.


Susie Baker, DeTour Township Clerk

​260 Superior Street

​DeTour Village MI 49725


All elections for DeTour Village and DeTour Township residents are held at DeTour Village Hall.


Polls Are Open

Secretary of State

Where to Vote

​​Village of DeTour  and  DeTour Township
  • Information for Voters
  • Michigan Voter Information Center
  • Information for Candidates
  • Information for Election Administrators
  • Upcoming Elections
  • Previous Elections Information
  • Campaign Finance Disclosure

If you are interested in learning more about the election process here in DeTour, or you are interested in working elections, please contact:


  • State Wide Ballot Proposals
  • ​Candidate Information Links
  • Voter ID
  • ​Registered Voter Count by County

Working Elections

Polls are open from 7:00am to 8:00pm each election day.

Elections are held on the first Tuesday following the first Monday of the months of May, August and November each year.
​Presidential primaries are held on the second Tuesday in March every 4th year.

View Current Ballot

Election Results

Your Vote Counts