The community play ground, situated between DeTour School and DeTour Pavilion, provides fun for kids of all ages.  From swinging, to jungle gyms, to running in the open space, it's a great spot for kids to release and burn off energy.

Botanical Gardens

Information Turnout

Shula Giddens Park

DeTour Pavilion

Located one block off our main street, the Pavilion is home to many of our community celebrations.  A large covered pavilion with picnic tables, kitchen facility, and stage, it's great for family gatherings, impromptu celebrations and just plain hanging out.  The pavilion boasts a basketball hoop, playground, and large open area for games. 

If you'd like to reserve the pavilion for a planned event please contact Village Hall at 906-297-5471.

What a gem this park this is.  Situated along the St Mary's River on the south end of town (on Ontario St), the Botanical Gardens provide visitors quiet peaceful walking paths through several individually designed and maintained memorial garden spaces.  Benches along the beach offer freighter viewing while resting.

Relax at One of Our Parks

Bring the family and all your friends for a day of fun ... spring, summer, and fall alike.  Located just south of town on M-134, Malette Park offers families a great picnic, swimming, fishing, and boating spot on the St Mary's River.  With tables and grills, and plenty of shade, you can relax all day.   A public launch within walking distance of this park allows all around fun. Also a great spot for kayaking and freighter watching.

Information Turnout in located on the North End of Malette Park, and provides tourist with details of upcoming community events, brochures about surrounding attractions, plus a viewing platform with benches for relaxation while planning your stay. 

In memory of a former resident, school teacher and coach, Shula Giddens Park is located on the shores of the St Mary's River on the south end of town, and invites you into our community.  
Back in the day this was THE spot.  All the kids in town headed to the fishing pier to swim, fish, and just plain hang out.   It's a nice place to dip your toes into the cool water of the St Mary's ... and maybe take a swim out to Frying Pan Island.    It's attached to the south end of our Botanical Gardens, and provides parking and respite to those enjoying our gardens.  It's also a great spot to view freighters. 

Malette Park

Play Ground

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