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Hey, if it happens to rain on that day you planned to be on the water or the trails, check out our community calendar , which is a quick reference to a wide variety of activities throughout our village, or you may want to do a little shopping in town.  We've got a few cool restaurants and bars too.

Ziegler Trail

 Cranberry Lake Trail

Low Springer Trail

If you're coming to enjoy our many outdoor activities and are in need of someplace to stay, check out our list of  warm and cozy places to rent .  We also have camp sites available.

This network of historic logging roads provides an interesting scenic link between M-134 to the south and M-48 to the north.  The roads wind through Lake Superior State Forest and some private acreage, so please note the "no trespassing" signage when visiting this area.  Low, Springer and Ziegler roads are rough dirt roads used by loggers, but shared by recreational users.  Enter roads North Caribou Lake Road at M-48.

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Village of DeTour  and  DeTour Township

Low and Springer roads are rough dirt roads with many exposed rocks and ruts, for moderately challenging riding.  ​Historic logging and navigation routes.  The area is characterized by hardwoods, mixed conifer forest, mature aspen and maple stands, plus sandy rolling landscape.  Low Road is approximately 12 miles west of DeTour on M-134.  Low Road heads north and intersects Springer Road which goes all the way to Ziegler and M-48.

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This trail is located roughly 10 miles west of DeTour Village on the north side of M-134, just west of DeTour State Forest Campground.    You can also enter the trail from South Caribou Lake Road, just west of Township Park on Caribou Lake.  The trail network includes an 8 mile multi-use trail that travels through state forest lands and along scenic Cranberry Lake.  A DNR map of the trail is available online or at DeTour Village Hall.    

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