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It is with pride and gratitude we honor the men and women of DeTour Village who have given of themselves to serve in one of America's armed services.  You can view online list of our local veterans on this website, or you can stop in at DeTour Historical Musuem and browse through our records. As we complete Veterans Park you will also be able to view a list of our veterans a there will be a wall memorial within the pavilion in Veterans Park.

A service charge of 2.65% will be charged wi​th each online transaction ($1.00 Minimum)

Monetary donations will assist with the design, development and maintenance of this memorial park.

-  Any questions can be directed to Matt Schultz, Veterans Park Lead at 906-297-6704

-  If you have questions about other parks and recreation activities or how you can help support

   our programs please call Susie Baker at  269-501-5160​.

Veterans Park

Our Vision for 2022 Is:
-   Add Veterans Circle at the East Side of Park

-   Add a Main Entrance on the Southeast End of Park
-   Renovate Two Existing Tennis Courts into Four Pickleball Courts
-   Add a Bathroom to the North End of Existing Pavilion
-   Add Walkways Connecting Veterans Park Amenities

Future Long-Range Vision:
-   Create a Basketball Court

-   Add a Disc Golf Course
-   Extend Walking Trails Connecting Veterans Park to DeTour CC Ski and Snowshoe Trails
-   Enhance Snowmobile Trail Head
-   Add Way Finding Signage

With just shy of 1,000 people in our immediate community, this is a large undertaking.  We are seeking support of our project from a conceptual and financial perspective.   

If you are interested in hearing more about our project, or contributing to this project, please give us a call:

Comments and Questions can be directed to:
Matt Schultz  |  DeTour Veterans Park Lead  |  906-440-4219

Bill Murray  |  DeTour Pickleball Lead  |  517-285-7315
Susie Baker | DeTour Parks & Recreation Chairman  |  269-501-5160 

​​Village of DeTour  and  DeTour Township

On July 1, 2019 we named our park on St Mary's Street:  DeTour Village Veterans Park

We are excited to honor the men and women of our community, and this country, with a tribute to them and our armed services. This park abuts DeTour Public School property and playground, and is currently home to multiple festivals and activities each year.  

​DeTour Village has begun a multi-phase enhancement project at DeTour Veterans Park to improve the recreation opportunities at our local gathering spot for concerts, festivals and community events. Plus, we are so excited to be constructing “Veteran Circle” as a tribute to the men and women of DeTour who have given their service to our country. 

Our vision is to provide an array of diverse community and recreational activities in this area to serve our youth, adults, and senior citizens, as well, the thousands of tourists that travel to and through the DeTour area annually. 

Tributes to our Vets