​​Village of DeTour  and  DeTour Township

Lake Huron

Quietly tucked on a pull-off on M-134 just east of M-48, this secluded beach is a gem.  Walk down the tiny trail to a beach that is well worth the walk.  If you like quiet, this is for you.  Albany Beach is nine miles from DeTour Village.

Lake Huron

Lake Huron

Bring the family and all your friends of a day of fun ... spring, summer, and fall alike.  Malette Park offers picnic tables, grills, beach, public launch, kayak put-in spots, freighter watching and more ... 

​Located at the edge of the village out M-134.

Lake Huron

Lake Huron

Nope ... we're not telling you where.  And we'll bet a local won't either.   You may stumble across it.

Back in the day this was THE spot.  All the kids in town headed to the fishing pier to swim, fish, and just plain hang out.   Now known as Shula Giddens Park, it's a nice place to dip your toes into the cool water of the St Mary's ... and maybe take a swim out to Frying Pan Island.    It's right in town, attached to the south end of our Botanical Gardens.

St Marys River

If a local asks if you'd like to go to the Hot Dog Stand, bring a towel and your swimsuit, not your appetite. This beach area is fondly remembered as the "Hot Dog Stand", a business that provided food and refreshments to all the kids and families in town who gathered on the sandy shores of Lake Huron many a warm summer day.  The actual Hot Dog Stand is long gone, but the memories remain vivid.

Hot Dog Stand Beach is five miles from town, out M-134.

The State Forest Campground offers fabulous beaches along Lake Huron, plus, there are walking and ORV trails linked to the area.  A quick six miles out of town on M-134 to this sweet spot.

Caribou Lake

We cannot get enough of the beautiful shoreline. Stop, relax, enjoy Lake Huron beauty.  Two and one half miles from the village along M-134.

At the Water's Edge Near DeTour

Yet another quiet little spot to pull off M-134 and dip your toes in the sand.  Located on Lake Huron in Seymour Bay two miles outside the village.

​​​Hidden on the back side of the State Rest Stop you'll find a great little sunning and swimming spot.  Plus, the Rest Stop park offers tables, grills, and rest rooms.  With ample parking, this spot is a great family gathering area on a beautiful summer day.
Located Seven & 1/2 miles of out of town on M-134.

Beach Me

​​A beautiful lake just west of town, Caribou Lake provides boating, fishing, kayaking and swimming in the summer time, and fishing, skating and snowmobiling in the winter.  It's a beauty;  just five miles out South Caribou Lake Road. 
​If you have a small boat or jet ski you'd like to put in, head out North Caribou Lake Road to our public launch.

Lake Huron

St Marys River

Seymour Bay Beach

Lake Huron

Bare Ass Beach

Located eight miles out of town  on M-134 ("The Scenic"), Sand Dune Beach offers long sandy beaches with Lake Huron lapping at your toes.  Ample parking along M-134 makes gathering with friends easy.  A long standing local favorite.

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